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There’s not exactly eight of us. It’s more the idea of the many, together. The epic team up. The win-win.

That’s why we believe in collaboration. Its what we do best. With our clients and our peers, collaboration stretches us and our talents, making good work better. Collaboration inspires us and fuels our passions. It renews and directs.

It’s also why our team-ups often reach outside the confines of our own company roster. We like to partner up with the best professionals in the field, coming together according to each project’s needs.

Spencer Hansen

Spencer Hansen

Designer, builder

Spencer is Team Eight’s full-time operator and creative director. He’s been at the helm for over ten years now, leading projects and collaborating with clients and other co-conspirators. He plays well with others.

Spencer focuses on designing and executing effective branding and marketing strategies for small businesses and start ups. He has broad experience developing materials in print, web and product spaces.

Ali Croft

Ali Croft

designer, specializing in identity & web design

Ali Croft is a graphic designer and creative director that can speak the language of any client, big or small. Her experience spans Fortune 500 companies & large advertising agencies, all the way down to the Richmond restaurants and coffee roasters — all of whom she has partnered with to fine tune visual brands, creative and content strategies, products, and marketing. She has a knack for building airtight concepts and executing complex strategies, while managing herself and other creatives of all types. She carries a metaphorical microscope with her everywhere she goes so that she can examine a situation and make the biggest and most hairy tasks seem like the house cats that they are.

You can find her pedaling around Richmond on her red bike, seeking out new friends who are doing creative things and attempting to eat at least once at all of the delicious restaurants the city has to offer.

Tim Skirven

Tim Skirven

Illustrator, Letterer, Graphic Designer

Tim is an illustrator, letterer, graphic designer and artist living in Richmond, VA. In a design age filled with perfect lines and angles, Tim brings a more playful, hand-made feel to his design work — all of his projects start with a pencil and a cup of black coffee.

When he’s not creating brand identities or editorial illustrations, he’s out on his bike or riding his skateboard and enjoying the planet Earth.