Alyssa Salomon

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Photograph taker. Picture maker. Printer. Self-taught chemist. Business woman. Board chair. Advisor. Teacher. Gardener. Pickler. Chicken keeper. One time bread baker. Kayaker. Birdwatcher, albeit late rising. Reader. Artist. Citizen.

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Alyssa is an active and productive artist who doesn’t think of her work in finite series or projects. Rather, she works in a range of themes, subjects, and processes—some pieces having many connections across each of these areas. Alyssa’s concept was to provide an interface for visitors to browse and discover her catalog of work in a similar way.

We helped Alyssa organize her work along these relationship and then developed a site navigation that allows site visitors to travel laterally across these relationships. The result is a site that encourages visitors to to wander across the vertical confines of a project group.

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