Children Incorporated

On the Road, a digital publication

Children Incorporated is a small team with a huge impact. They work with a vast volunteer network around the globe to support children in need and break the cycle of child poverty. That volunteer network, made up of individuals already in these children’s lives, uniquely positions Children Incorporated to apply almost 90% of all donated funds to exactly what any given child needs most. No small feat.

Children in the Children Incorporated program

The Challenge

Stand out in a crowd of do-gooders

Children Incorporated needed a way to better engage potential and existing sponsors.

The Solution

Share your intimate stories of hope

We helped Children Incorporated hit the road. Partnering with Vance Agency, we designed and built a digital publication specifically tailored to support the rich, insightful stories of Children Incorporated’s children.

assembling the identity sytem

First things first: branding & identity

We started by building out the design system. To support the complexity of a digital publication and an expanded web presence, we focused on readability and a more consistent and uplifting feel. This was also an opportunity to bring the print and digital presentations of the brand closer together.

Iterative Design

phased rollouts driven by metrics

We started small. At first, focusing on applying the new design system throughout the site and fixing glaring errors in the content, design and code. Then working closely with Children Incorporated’s marketing staff, we overhauled the existing site’s messaging and presentation page by page—slowly moving toward an improved information architecture.

With a solid foundation in place we crafted simple publication tools for the On the Road series. As Children Incorporated’s internal team experimented with brand journalism and the logistics of reporting on stories from the road, we supported them with additional tools and features. The result is an immersive reading experience that is easily crafted and published from abroad. Each story features imagery, detail and insight gathered from the lives of children across the globe.

"homepage design

homepage design

"featured story design

featured story design

metrics and analysis report

Accountable User Experience Design

To inform our design decisions in each round of iteration, we gather and maintain user metrics across Children Incorporated’s web presence. We look at everything from site visit and reader statistics, to email and social media engagement, to search queries and keywords. Reports and analysis are shared with the leadership and editorial teams to inform their actions and adjustments as well.

Website design for Children Incorporated

Services Delivered

  • Visual Identity
  • Information Architecture
  • Site Design
  • Front End Development
  • CMS Development
  • Content Strategy and Production
  • Metrics & Analysis
  • Iteration
  • Support & Maintenance
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