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Children Incorporated is a small team with a huge impact. They work with a vast volunteer network around the globe to support children in need and break the cycle of child poverty. That volunteer network, made up of individuals already in these children’s lives, uniquely positions Children Incorporated to apply almost 90% of all donated funds to exactly what any given child needs most. No small feat.

Children in the Children Incorporated program

The Challenge

Convert visitors into donors and sponsors

With the On the Road campaign that we helped launch and the iterative design updates we’d released over the previous year, we were seeing a lot of new engagement. Up next: get those newbies to donate and sponsor.

Concept for a new sponsorship page

Concept for a new sponsorship page

The Solution

Learn what the user wants and reduce friction to conversion

Carefully conducted user research yielded insights into what Children Incorporated’s current donors value as well as what they were missing. This, in turn, informed a new strategy: build experiences that maintain the user’s emotional connection with the children and the organization.

Next, we identified the most critical areas of interaction—which areas of the site and app do we need users to interact with most? Which need the most improvement to their functionality? We’re currently rolling out improvements at a pace that is manageable for Children Incorporated and their donor base. We’ve already seen a noticeable increase in online sponsorships and donations.

I can’t say enough wonderful things about working with these amazingly talented people in both a personal and business setting. Everything they create is beautiful, they are all so nice and professional and their cat is awesome.

Shelley Briggs Callahan, Director of Development
Children Incorporated
"Concept for new dashboard design

Concept for new dashboard design


Who is the target user and what do they value?

We started with a user study to fill out Children Incorporated’s existing knowledge of their donors. This study gave us a much clearer understanding of the major donor groups and their particular traits. The biggest takeaway: the vast majority of Children Incorporated’s sponsors are 50 years old or better— and loyal. This also highlighted the huge opportunity to connect with younger donors.

To get a better understanding of the donor’s values and unmet needs, we crafted a user survey campaign. Tempering this with recorded sessions of user behavior we were able to surface some very clear shared values and a lot of opportunity to bring them into the online experience. The biggest takeaways here were that donors craved a stronger connection to their impact and the children helped by their donations. There was also a lot of friction and frustration in the current donation experience, both online and off.

A New Design concept and strategy

based on findings from our user research

With the very clear opportunities uncovered by our user research, we were excited to start crafting ways to leverage our observations. So while we reworked user paths and flows, we also developed a new design strategy for the site and donor management system that would follow these tenants:

  • Prioritize usability
  • Focus on impact
  • Maintain an emotional connection

We knew a design concept that focused on guidelines would build trust and engagement with new and existing donors alike.

"New home page design

New home page design

"New work page design

New work page design

Mobile screen designs for the donor management system

Mobile screen designs for the donor management system

Iterative Improvement

The new design strategy inspired invaluable collaborative moments with the Children Incorporated team. Together, we refined many of the details, steered by the deep insights from their years of experience with their donors. The result was a new vision for the donor experience that inspires more meaningful engagement.

In order to address the more critical issues of the existing system as soon as possible, we broke up the new design into components. Again, we worked closely with the Children Incorporated team to identify which components should be developed and launched first.

With our UX and design plans firmed up, it was time to bring in the heavy lifters. Enter Corgibytes. These invaluable development experts had already been working with Children Incorporated’s donor management system on some critical repairs and updates. We continue to work alongside the Corgis to rollout the new design components. Their insight into the donor management codebase helps us refine the design and UX without disrupting the critical functionality of this transactional system. Our comfort with front-end development allows us to deliver our designs in a coded form: style, markup and interaction samples contributed directly into the codebase for the Corgis to wield as they tame the back end functionality of the donor management system.

New Site design

Services Delivered

  • Digital strategy
  • UX design
  • Information Architecture
  • User Research & Testing
  • Visual Design
  • Front-End Development
  • WordPress Development
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