Fern & Roby 2015 Catalog

hard wares + offset printing

We built on Fern & Roby’s existing brand and lookbook (big shoutout to A for Adventure for their stellar work on the original assets) to develop this 24-page furniture catalog. Incorporating product specs and detailed diagrams allowed Fern & Roby to speak directly to architects and interior designers looking for responsibly sourced and manufactured furniture. To address the disconnect between the custom one-off feel of the high quality tables and the flexible nature of the cast bases and their compatibly with a number of surface and sizing options, we chose to present the tables as a customizable system rather than a line of static one-off pieces.

This catalog added a number of exciting new pieces to Fern & Roby’s table and base system, giving us the chance to collaborate with the talented photographer, Todd Wright and really fill out the presentation of the overall collection.

We worked closely with our printing partner James River Press to fine tune this piece for a sizable offset run. The result is a stunning book full of rich photography that clearly offers the family of table bases and surfaces as a flexible system ready to meet the designer’s specifications.

spread-1-v2 Fern & Roby 2015 Furniture Catalog - The Credenza surface-max Fern & Roby 2015 Furniture Catalog - Spread
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