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Michele Steckler put a lot of thought and work into her ideas for the Fly Loft Group, a small consulting firm focused on guiding people and organizations through transitions. She was looking for a “thinking partner” to help give those ideas a visual life through an online presence. After learning what a thinking partner was, we found out we are ideal candidates. We ended up collaborating very closely with Michele through discussions and exchanging sketches and watercolors and photography.

We very much enjoyed working so closely with Michele and benefited from the creative experience and wisdom of her years of working in the theater industry.



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We focused on creating a website and brand that was specifically tailored to Michele’s needs and sensibilities and featured all the very deep personal thought that she had invested. The result is a website that is a very real expression of the Fly Loft Group and Michele herself. Not only does it organize and clearly display the carefully crafted message of the Fly Loft Group and their services, it frames that information in the context of Michele’s own photography and watercolor accents providing a personal and authentic yet confident and┬áprofessional tone.

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