Lewis Leadership Group

a website with a clear vision

Kelly Lewis needed a website and she came to us prepared. She had a great logo and start to her business’s visual identity. She had lined up a talented photographer–with whom we’d already had the pleasure of working–and a lettering artist we’d made the acquaintance of and admired from afar. We were completely comfortable joining this team and stepping in to bring Kelly’s vision to life.

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Translate a creative vision into a well-formed experience

Kelly had a great grasp on her message what she wanted to convey to her audience. We needed to organize that into a flow that would be welcoming, informative and intuitive.


Focus on strategy and design

Kelly’s vision didn’t call for unusual functionality but it did need to present a polished look and a great flow. We leveraged Squarespace because it allowed us to focus the majority of our efforts on developing how users flow through the site and the visual design.


Kelly really knew her business and had a clear understanding of her audience. Over a couple of coffee sessions she was able to walk us through her thoughts and intentions for her website. As we pored over her initial wireframes together, we hammered out the visual and functional details. Over additional sessions we nailed down the site architecture and design. Then we spun up a Squarespace site to finish developing the content and coding the considerable amount of custom interactions.

The result was a website that brought all of Kelly’s pieces together to realize her vision. It’s always a great experience to work with a client that’s eager and prepared to be so involved in the process.

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The right tool for the job

For budget-conscious small businesses and startups with fairly simple website needs we find Squarespace to be a great choice. It provides clean and simple templates that can be extended and customized to match any brand. While it bills itself as a DIY tool, our clients recognize the important role that our content strategy, UX, and visual design expertise have to play in making their sites successful.

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