restaurant identity design

When Greer Bernstein took over Patina she wanted to give the Short Pump restaurant a fresh look and feel. Creating a new brand was our first task.

The new identity needed to reflect Greer’s and Chef Kyle’s farm-to-table mission as well as their modern sensibilities. We developed a simple logo and tactile applications that focus on the feel and texture inherit to the substrate. From the unique menu boards to the screen printed gift cards, each piece of collateral creates a comfortable and welcoming feeling while reinforcing the high level of skill and care central to the restaurant

Identity materials for restaurant Patina
Stack of menu boards designed and screen printed for restaurant Patina

These menus were an opportunity to communicate the change in concept to Patina’s customers without completely overhauling the restaurant’s interior. The sanded, screened and sealed birch ply planks created a memorable experience for the customers that remained practical for the constantly updated, seasonal menu. Simply reprint the standard or legal sized single sheet insert and slide it in place with the over-sized rubber band.

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