Rogue Gentlemen

brand + game

For the last year or so we’ve had the privilege to be working behind the scenes with Chef Johnny on his upcoming secret-now-not-so-secret project, the Rogue Gentlemen. Inspired by the pre-Prohibition era, this cocktail bar needed a suitably mischievous roll-out as shrouded in back alley secrecy as the speakeasies that were a product of that time. We knew we wanted a pretty severe level of playfulness and engagement that would suck in the very active local foodie community. The result was an eight month long campaign of physical clues periodically placed around town and mysteriously announced on twitter. Collecting fresh clues granted access through the many secret doors of the online game, letting dedicated foodies win exclusive and limited invites to the pending soft opening event. Our first alternate reality game, this cross platform, online/offline experience quickly became rich and immersive and though we were striving to remain anonymous throughout, provided some remarkably direct interaction with Chef Johnny’s audience.

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