The culinary project of Chef John Maher. spoonrva.com

Chef Johnny came to us with a clear vision of what he needed for his web presence and had already incorporated many web platforms and services into his efforts. We helped him develop a look and a site that integrated these services into a central hub of his typical blitz of online promotion and activity. We also added a few features, like the about, friends and press pages, to help the site feel a bit more like home.

To tie it all together, we created and installed twitter and tumblr themes, keeping his viewer’s experience consistent across platforms.  spoonRVA and spoonrva.tumblr.com

It’s been a lot of fun working closely with John and are looking forward to helping him with more of his marketing materials, both online and off.

Special thanks to Ali Croft who was the guest designer on this project. We really love working with Ali.

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