The Rogue Gentlemen

typography + fernet

We completed and launched this long-awaited website just in time for the long-awaited restaurant opening. After working hard for over a year on the Rogue Gentlemen’s brand and local marketing, this site was a satisfying manifestation of the identity we had so carefully developed. With almost no images and a dark, minimal theme, each page uses careful typography and subtle color to offer an inversion of the printed menus while suggesting the dark ambience of the restaurant’s interior. Long story short, this piece fits very well into the family of print and web materials we’ve created for the RG.



We were able to boil down RG’s needs to a modest sitemap. Just a homepage, easily updated menus, a press section, and a gallery for shots of dishes, cocktails and the interior. A lot of gimmicky features were avoided as both the chef and owner are extremely active on social media, allowing them to publish more in the moment content and foster direct interaction with patrons there.

All this allowed us to focus in on making the site smoothly responsive and visitor and management friendly. Of course we took advantage of WordPress to allow owner John Maher to easily add and update specials and menus as well as the rest of the site’s content.

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