TMI Rebranding

branding + website

This project was an example of our ideal process from the start. After providing creative support to TMI for three years, we were trusted to lead an intensive rebrand. We guided a thorough research process where we helped outline TMI’s core services, identify their strengths, understand their audience, and develop their mission and company values.

This work became the foundation for every concept and detail making up the subsequent visual identity and marketing materials.



The mosaic of shapes that make up TMI’s new mark show a diverse set of parts coming together to make a whole, echoing TMI’s work to develop employee cultures that are diverse and inclusive and more productive for it. The upward arrow signifies TMI’s aspirational approach to empowering individuals in order to strengthen communities.

Having this foundation block in place was key to moving forward with the rest of TMI’s updated materials.

The Website

On-message, on-task, and on-brand

TMI’s website was the cornerstone of their marketing efforts. It was critical that the website conveyed the value of TMI’s unique services clearly and concisely; a challenge for any business, especially a consulting firm. Having the well-defined brand, services, and company identity in our back pocket gave us the clarity we needed. From there, it was a matter of distilling those insights into an impactful message expressed across an intuitive sitemap.

As the website would also be the most common touchpoint with TMI’s audience, the visual design and user experience had to reflect the company’s forward-thinking, well-researched, and friendly approach. We pulled out all the stops: designing and coding the new site from scratch to leverage modern web design standards.

"TMI Consulting website - sample home page design

home page design

"TMI Consulting website - sample approach page design

approach page design

"TMI Consulting website - sample family page design

family page design

"TMI Consulting website - sample family bio page design

bio page design

TMI Consulting website - animation samples

Bringing life to the web

With the more challenging requirements met, we were able to spend a healthy amount of our focus extending the already energetic and positive brand with bold layouts, custom illustrations, engaging color applications, and a subtle–but powerful–touch of animated UI elements.

TMI Consulting website - animation samples
TMI Consulting website - animation samples

Print Materials

unified styles for print and web

The rebranding process did not end with the website. We extended TMI’s identity system across a broad range of documents, print materials and presentations. A comprehensive style guide and template library allows TMI’s team to roll out materials with precision and ease.

TMI proposal template cover sheet
Document design: table sample 1
Document design: table sample 2
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