TMI Consulting

Community + Strategy

TMI specializes in the issues of diversity and inclusion. Community and dialogue are core concepts in their practice. The goal for a new website and brand collateral was to strengthen TMI’s relationship and engagement with their community and facilitate authentic, meaningful dialogue. TMI is also a small and fast growing firm so it was critical to clearly communicate the importance of their work as well as their experience and skill.

We built on their logo and a few illustrated assets that already communicated diversity, inclusion, and community very well, filling in the gaps and teasing out a set of brand guidelines to promote cohesiveness throughout their website and other materials. The website presents TMI’s services, case studies and family alongside a Dialogue section. Reader friendly type and warm inviting colors create a tone that is educational and approachable rather than promotional. TMI publishes articles and conversation starters in the Dialogue section, which is fully integrated into a number of social media platforms allowing conversations to take place across the web while being merged into a central location.


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