VMFA’s ARTshare

message + animation

The VMFA asked us to help craft a 10 minute multi-media presentation to educate potential donors about their ongoing digital initiative, ARTshare.

To kick things off many of the major stakeholders at the VMFA graciously attended our discovery session to share their perspective on the value of the ARTshare program and discuss the critical priorities to be communicated. From there, we worked closely with the VMFA’s education, imaging, and fund-raising teams to gather the materials, outline the message and craft a script for the presentation.

With a script in hand, we designed stills for every slide in the presentation and then developed the final animated infographics and video content.

The result is an engaging and informative experience that clearly communicates the value and excitement afforded by the ARTshare initiative. As a bonus, the presentation is paired with a detailed script and formatted for screen sizes from iPads to laptops to projectors. All allowing multiple presenters to quickly adapt the content to their audience and situation.


— samples of the animated assets we developed for this presentation —

2015-05-12 12.00.58

Meeting with the Collections Film and Photography team in the well-appointed imaging studio in the bowels of the VMFA.

2015-05-12 12.29.21

We enjoyed the door signage we found deep in the inner workings of the VMFA building.

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