Wretched Glory

You may have seen this silk screened poster around Richmond shouting about this event. But! Did you realize we gave the remaining sixty or so away to the first attendees at the opening? Those lucky devils.

We had the privilege of assisting Patrick of Velocity Comics and Thea of Ghostprint Gallery in the curation of Ghostprint’s August 2010 show. We gathered as many of Richmond’s past and present music and event flyers from all the local artists, screen printers, musicians and labels who would talk to us. Then we plastered the walls with everything from large silk screened show posters to small xeroxed hand bills.

This collection exposes the rich visual history of Richmond’s music and art community spanning the last 30 years, and features some spectacular posters for any city. Just a few of the artists with work shown are the following:

And tons more. Thanks to everyone who stepped up to deliver all the work and to everyone who filled the room on opening night.

Dig into our process.